Running Routes in Basingstoke

There are lots of running routes in Basingstoke for you runners. Getting out and running around our great town is a fantastic way of not only keeping fit but also exploring the surrounding areas.

We’ll list some of our running routes in Basingstoke below, then you can go and check these out. Once you’ve completed any of the routes let us know how they’ve gone in the comment section below.

Let’s get into it…

  1. Down Grange (Basingstoke Athletics Track)

running routes in basingstoke


Distance: 3.11 Miles

Ascent: 130ft

Kcals: 331

Down Grange Route Information

The first route we have here is starting and finishing at Down Grange (Basingstoke Athletics Track). It’s 3.11 miles with an ascent of 130ft within the route. It’s just a large loop starting by running up Pack Lane, then turning left at the traffic lights onto Kempshott lane. After 0.3 of a mile, you then turn left onto Homestead Road. You’ll stay here until you hit Winchester Road, turn left and follow it all the way to the round-about. This is where you’ll start the home straight back in Pack lane. This run will burn 331 kcals.


  1. Complete Performance Gym Route

Complete Performance Gym running

Distance: 0.91 miles

Ascent: 46ft

Kcals: 96

Complete Performance Route Information

This Route starts and finishes from our very own Gym. Perfect for those keen ones who would like to finish off their workout with a light jog before heading home. Or maybe you would like to extend your warm up before dropping into one of our Bootcamps.


  1. Basingstoke Town Route


Distance: 2:30 miles

Ascent: 103ft

243 Kcals

Basingstoke Running Route

Within this first instalment of running routes in Basingstoke, This route is our favourite, This is both a town and scenic route all rolled into one. You start off at Eastrop Park car park, which is free of charge. Clip the outer edge of town, before heading round The War Memorial Park, then back to Eastrop Park.

Rather Run With Other People?

fancy meeting up with a group of like-minded runners? have a look at some running clubs within Basingstoke.


Running Clubs in Basingstoke

Basingstoke Athletics Club has a great range of runners who train regularly and meet at various places around Basingstoke. You may have already seen them running around on your travels.

Other notable running clubs in Basingstoke:


Running Events in Basingstoke

There are a few running events that take place in Basingstoke, so If you fancy challenging yourself in a competitive environment. Check the list below:


Basingstoke 10k 2018

Date: Sunday 17 Jun 2018

Venue: Down Grange Sports Complex, Pack Lane, Basingstoke, RG22 5SN View map


St Michael’s Hospice Run

Details will be posted here:


Basingstoke Half Marathon 2018:

Date: Sunday 7th October 2018


Basingstoke Park Run

When: Every Saturday at 9:00 am

Where: The War Memorial Park, Basingstoke.


As you can see there are a good amount running routes in Basingstoke with lots of competitive races, so there is no excuse if you want to get involved and challenge yourself.


But why would you want to go out running?

The Benefits of Running

A regular running can elevate your mood and help you build self-esteem, it also increases your self-confidence as you hit fitness and weight loss targets. Running can help with mild depression.



Running is one of the best ways to give your heart a great workout. By running frequently you’ll improve circulation and dramatically reduce the chance of a heart attack, high blood pressure and a stroke. The common runner can burn a thousand calories an hour throughout a training session

Also If you run often, you’re continually taxing your bones and muscles. Because the bones are stimulated they remain stronger and do not easily weaken with age.

Running can also help strengthen your immune system, which means you will be less likely to suffer from minor illnesses & colds compared to the average person. By going running, it will also increase blood flow to the brain, which in turn helps the brain receive more oxygen & nutrients so you’ll likely to be more productive at work & in everyday life.


Sleep & Mood

Finally, studies show that people that run often find it a lot easier to get to sleep at night and sleep longer. Furthermore, running increases your ability to cope with every day minor irritations and stresses. Endorphin’s created by exercise means that people who run are often happier than those who don’t exercise. It can also increase patience, humour and ambition.

Any comments, let us know below.

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