The CP weightlifting team sent a few athletes down to Athlete Movement yesterday for their #strengthfest

This was Vicky’s first weightlifting competition! Which.. she did hungover. Bravo, bravo indeed. With a little bit of a Ropey start, she killed it in the end. So well done Vicky!

Then, Clarisse nailed her lifts. She has been injured for a little while now, so while her movements had to be different to normal, she killed it none the less eriacta canada!

Next up, Liam competed in his first weightlifting competition too! Obviously he nailed all his lifts.. he says writing this. And speaking in third person. Yes. I nailed it.

Finally, Jaz absolutely killed it and won the overall competition! Finally getting that 90kg clean and jerk, and making it look easy!

Good work team. You. Killed. It.[fb_vid id=”2299126383482831″]


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