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Complete Performance

Complete Performance is more than a gym, it's a community. Members are not tied into contracts, there are no sign up fees and memberships are capped at just 400 total. Why? We believe that people should WANT to be at the gym, not be here because they are stuck in a lengthy contract. The membership cap allows us to provide the best experience for our members. It is not constantly busy, there is always machines or weights available, always a space on a class. We have NO mirrors at Complete Performance. We are writing a blog to tell you exactly why!

Gym Equipment

At our Basingstoke Gym, we have invested in bringing you state of the art Gym equipment. Check out our pictures below to see what we have to offer. Unlike your average gym, we have 9 squat racks, a competition style bench press, a crossfit style rig, weightlifting platforms embedded into our functional floor space, a bouldering wall, specialist sport bars and equipment with the ability to expand our already impressive range of equipment whenever we like.

Our member limit is capped at 400 people. Once they are gone.. they are gone!

First Month


Gym Only

(Limited to 100)

£45 Per Month

Classes Only

(Limited to 100)

£55 Per Month

Gym and Classes

£60 Per Month


£27 Per Month

Pay As You Go