So you’re trying to find ‘The Best Gym in Basingstoke’?

Every now and again friends or family may ask where the best gym in Basingstoke is. Generally speaking, if someone is a member of a gym, then that gym is the best gym. For them.

Best gym in basingstoke

You cannot classify a gym as the best just because of the equipment, the staff or because your friend said so. Yes, these may play a part. but all of those will not necessarily lead to you achieving your goals.

It’s getting close to that point in the year again when people are going to be looking for a gym to get fit into the new year. But so many people just renew the same gym membership that they haven’t used in months.


But have you ever wondered why you stopped going?

Here are a few reasons why we think you may have stopped using your gym membership or stopped heading down to your local Health club.

• The gym that’ll be best for you is the one that YOU feel YOU are part of the community, not just part of a clique.

• The perfect gym is the one that gives YOU the guidance and motivation YOU need to succeed.

• The prime gym for YOU is the one that makes YOU feel comfortable working out in and not judged.

• The best gym is the one that suits YOU.

As you can see, in order for you to get the most out of your gym membership. You have to make the best choice for you. There are lots of gym’s in the Basingstoke area, so you’ve got a fantastic opportunity of finding the best gym in Basingstoke.


Why don’t you try before you buy?


Free Gym Trial

Lots of gyms will offer a free trial, ranging from a few days and up. At Complete Performance, we offer a 7-Day free trial. This will give you an excellent opportunity to try out our Gym and use it within your usual weekly routine. When you’re using a free trial this is the perfect time to check if the gym is right for you using the points we listed above.


Membership Prices

The Membership Prices or Contracts for most people will be the deciding factor when looking for a gym Like anyone, you’ll most probably look around for the best or cheapest price. As you would do when looking for a product or service. But just remember to check carefully because you don’t want to get locked into a contract that’s not right for you.


No Contract Gym’s in Basingstoke

Some gyms have no contracts or as some say ‘pay as you go gyms’. We offer this type of entry at Complete Performance. This is brilliant, you don’t get tied down to a lengthy contract and get the most flexible way of using a gym.


Monthly Membership

Here at Complete Performance, we have rolling monthly membership. Gym goers will benefit from low costs while not getting tied down to a year-long contract. This is really flexible as we all know what it’s like if your situation changes and you still have 9 months left on your gym contract. It isn’t always the easiest to get cancel.

Take a look at our Gym page to see if any of the packages suits you.


Gym Classes

While looking at gym classes, make sure they are the classes you want to take and are run at a time you can attend. Also, Find out about reserving a spot on those classes. Here at Complete Performance, we have a booking system. So before you leave home or work we can guarantee you’ll have a spot in that class. Nobody wants to make their way to the gym only to be told all the spaces for the intended class are gone.

Within our membership prices, we have packages which include all the classes we run. Which brings me to my next point, which is making sure your membership fee includes the access to the classes. Some gyms will have a separate pricing for the classes. So find out if you’ll need to pay extra for these classes before joining. Gyms will have a wide range of classes available from Bootcamp to Olympic Weightlifting.


Opening Hours

Make sure the Gym is open the hours you’ll use it the most. Again, with the Free Trial the gym’s offer, this is a great opportunity before committing. During this testing phase, it’s a good idea to check the gym isn’t overly crowded. But remember if you’re working out at strange times or hitting the gym at its peak, pick one that’ll work for you.



So Before you jump into your New Year, New You, New Gym and start looking for the best gym in Basingstoke. Make sure you choose one that will make you feel comfortable. Give you the help you need to succeed and welcome you. Don’t just sign up to the same one you tried last year and haven’t used since. Any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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