So you’re looking for running clubs in Basingstoke?

Many of you gym goers will like to head out for a run from time to time for a cardiovascular workout.  And continuing on from our Running Routes in Basingstoke post. Here we are going to cover the athletic & running clubs in Basingstoke & the surrounding area.


Why join a running club?


If you’re going out running regularly by yourself you have the freedom of running where ever you want. But in the winter months when its dark & wet outside it’s always hard to motivate yourself to get the workouts in.


This is where joining a running club can help. You’ll be able to join the different groups within the clubs that venture out for regular running sessions. Not only will you benefit from the social factor of meeting people with the same hobbies, it’ll also encourage you to stay motivated.


If you’re just getting into distance running, signing up to a group or club will also have an added bonus being able to ask fellow club mates about strategies of recovery or training plans etc.


Local Running Clubs


Here we are going to list the running clubs you could join.


Hatch Warren Runners

Cater for athletes from total Beginners and up. If you can run for 3 miles without stopping then head down to their club night. They meet at the Portsmouth Arms Pub in Hatch Warren and the Co-op in Beggarwood 7:15 pm Mon & Weds.

They are community focused and a great bunch of people to run with.  Head to their website for more sign up information.


Basingstoke Athletics Club

Club nights are 6:30 pm Tuesday and Thursday at the Basingstoke Athletics Track at Down Grange. Depending on the event, Basingstoke AC caters for everyone from beginners all to the way to elite athletes. They have some fantastic coaches who will set training plans as well as running tips.

There are many groups within Basingstoke AC, ranging from sprinters to road runners. If you’re looking to improve your endurance and fitness and be part of the social side of the sport, this is a great place to start.


Chineham Park Running Club

A friendly and supportive club who now have over 100 men and women as club members. Club nights are held every Wednesday at 7 pm. They meet at the Fitness First Gym, Stag Oak Lane, Chineham But again check their website for the latest information.


Start up your own club?

If you find yourself going for a run at lunchtime, why don’t you start up your own running club? You can advertise a lunchtime running group for people within your company or office complex. Again, helping everyone with motivation to achieve better fitness and wellbeing.


Any clubs you would like adding to this post please do get in contact.


Don’t forget if you’re after some sporting apparel check out our post about sporting shops in Basingstoke.

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