So, you joined the gym as a new years resolution, You kept going through January and February but now you’re starting to feel the motivation slip. Now you’re starting to wonder how you can keep this going.

We’re going to list a few things you can think about if you want to make going to the gym a more consistent thing.

Look at your Achievements

We have almost completed a quarter of the year so far and I’m sure you’ve already made a massive progress. So now is a great time to look back and see where you have come from.

Work out with a Friend

Work out with a friend. If we’re all honest with each other, We could all do with making more time to spend with friends. Working out together is a fantastic way of achieving this and also progressing towards your fitness goals.

Change up your training sessions

We all know doing the same thing over and over again can get boring. So by changing up your sessions or classes can be a great way of combating your workouts from getting stale. Here at Complete Performance we have a wide range of different classes available for you to choose from.

Make a bet with someone

This one is simple, make a bet with someone that incorporates your fitness goals. This one will definitely keep you motivated.

Keep a training log

The first point I made in this blog what about looking back at how far you have come. If you kept a training log/diary this makes it a whole load easier.

You can keep track of any PB’s (personal bests) You’ve achieved and when the times get tough you can look back at these to gain more motivation and get back on track.


We tend to have the music going here at Complete Performance. Music could be a nice motivator. Generally, all it takes is the right tune to make an individual really feel like working out or finishing that additional set of reps. Listen to different genres which can be designed for gym lovers or a number of old favourites.

Set Manageable Time

Health consultants recommend that setting a fixed, manageable time for exercise will inspire you to beat procrastination. For example, you may dedicate 30 minutes each day to train. Realizing you could cease your exercise after the set 30 minutes, more often than not resulted to gaining extra momentum on the midst of the exercise and you may be shocked that you’ve got the urge to proceed past the time you set.

Reward Yourself

To maintain the motivation to exercise and overcome procrastination, reward yourself particularly when you find yourself meeting the goals you may have set. The reward could be a snack or group reward like going to a movie evening with buddies. It’s also possible to make a health jar where you may add £1 each time you train and use that money for something you like doing away from the gym.

Rest Up

Some people Can go way too hard and burn out long before they’ve managed to reach their goals. So take a break when needed & keep rested. This will only help with keeping your motivation for the long run.

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