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7 day trial basingstoke gym


Looking for a new gym? Want to try a bootcamp in Basingstoke with awesome instructors and awesome people pouvez trouver ici? Just fancy a new challenge? Complete Performance offers a 7-day trial giving you full access to the classes and the gym. … Read More

Basingstoke Bison

Now Sponsoring Basingstoke Bison’s

Complete Performance are now the proud sponsors of the Basingstoke Bison’s Ladies team & Peri Rose for this season. We can’t wait to see what the season ahead has in store for us.

Awesome Supplements

Now THAT’S a stack of Awesome Supplements! Super happy to announce that we now stock Awesome Supplements here at Complete Performance! They are the only supplement company we know of that believe science should be the first port of call … Read More

Mountain climbers – Common Mistakes

Mountain climbers. The Common Mistakes and what it should actually look like! Let me know what you think!

Rope Slams 101

It’s important to do exercises correctly. You all know that. Recently I’ve seen a lot of different methods of performing Rope slams or using battle ropes.. so sticking to the main movement, here is a video of the common mistakes … Read More

The Massage Stick

This is the first in my recovery tools series. The Massage Stick allows you to apply however much pressure you want or need for each body part! It’s a great tool, very simple to use. You just have to roll … Read More

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