Are you looking for Gym Instructor Jobs Basingstoke?

Complete Performance are looking to fill two roles:

1. Freelance Personal Trainer 
2. Yoga Instructor

1. Freelance Personal Trainer Job – Basingstoke

Minimum requirements:
– Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification
– The drive to further your own knowledge levitra générique prix inde

This role is a self employed one. The successful candidate will be expected to develop their own business with our help.
They will be expected to pay rent as such:

Month 1: £0
Month 2: £100
Month 3: £200
Month 4 and onwards: £300

Alongside this, there is 16 hours voluntary work. This will consist of minimum 4 hours at a time, either:

– Personal Training
– Developing your own business
– Taking classes
– Watching the gym floor

These voluntary hours are predominantly to aid you in developing your business. Giving you dedicated time to record videos, write posts, build websites etc.

2. Yoga Instructor Job – Basingstoke

We are looking for a part time yoga instructor to take 1-2 classes a week at the gym. These will be evening sessions preferably on a Tuesday and one other day.

For more information on either of these roles, please get in touch either by messaging this page, or email to:

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