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Fasting, what is it and why does it work?

Fasting is a term used for when you go a period without consuming food / calories. It can last for any time period, some people even do it for an entire week!
This concept is commonly used when people are looking to lose weight. Does it work? Kind of.
Fasting works by limiting calorie intake throughout one day, therefore limiting intake over the entire week. Because of this simple fact, you will lose weight. Another reason you will lose some weight, making potentially even bigger weight loss, is that you will begin to remove some of the food being digested through the intestines. However, this will just be refuelled when you begin to eat again meaning you will seemingly “rebound” back up in weight. This simple fact is that if your calories are below what you expend, you will lose weight.


Consider for a moment that you consume 2000 calories daily and are at the same weight each week. Removing one day of eating will remove 2000 calories in total over your week, meaning you will have lost weight overall due to being in a calorie deficit. Doing this though will likely result in feeling sluggish the following day, a small rebound making you feel crappy, and you’ll increase your stress levels as it is a stress on the body providing it with no energy. The chances are you continue to train with no fuel, which will more than likely result in a poor training session and will be fuelling yourself with caffeine all day meaning you’ll be up and down. Does that sound like something you should or would even want to do? I mean, not everybody feels rubbish, but you’re not feeding your body what it needs to perform.

Isn’t the whole point of dieting to look better, so that you feel better You can lose body fat / weight without feeling run down, so why put your body through that? Instead, why not try removing 300 calories daily to create a similar deficit over a week, yet you have enough energy coming in to fuel daily activities, training and sports. Therefore enjoying your journey just that little bit more.

Should you do it? There are more reasons not to than there are for it! Let’s take a look:

Pro’s –

– Lose weight
– Feel like you’ve completed a challenge

Con’s –

– Feel tired constantly
– Rubbish training sessions
– Use caffeine as a source of energy
– Rebound and then feel poor for gaining weight
– It is a huge struggle to resist eating and failing
– Because you feel rubbish you constantly want to eat – promoting emotional eating
– Not sustainable – meaning it’s back to square one once finished
– Other reported side effects are difficulties sleeping and daytime sleepiness, bad breath and dehydration.

The research into intermittent fasting is limited towards the benefits of it, other than the effects that occur when in a calorie deficit because of it.


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